Rader Cabin
187 Funny Valentine Lane
Lopez Island, WA 98261

Phone or Email for Reservation

Barbara Rader
16524 35th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98155

The Rader Cabin

The Lopez Island Cabin is owned by the extended Rader Family. The cabin, built in 1968, sits on a bluff overlooking MacKaye harbor on the south end of Lopez Island. Lopez Island is one of the larger islands in the San Juan Islands. There are three ways to get to the island: by Washington State Ferry, private boat or a small airplane.

The cabin is about three blocks from the Islandale General Store which sells limited groceries, lunch, hardware supplies and gasoline. At this time there is no running water in the cabin so water must be brought with you or purchased at the super market. By next summer, I am hoping to install a rain catchment system to provide running water to the cabin. There is electricity with a fairly well equipped kitchen including a hot plate, microwave, refrigerator and various small appliances. There is a electric toilet inside the cabin and an old fashioned outhouse.

The cabin has a queen sized bed and three single beds. Two small mattress can be laid on the floor for children. There is a geodesic dome that has a eight foot wide bed/conversation pit for an additional sleeping place. At this time, the dome is leaking so it can't be used in the rain. Bedding is provided including a small electric blanket.

Lopez Island has a year round population of around 2000 people. Summer visitors increase the population substantially. The island is primarily agricultural with a small village at the northwest part of the island (around ten miles from the cabin). The village has a super market, several restaurants, bakeries, library, coffee shops, veternarian, bank, medical clinic, pharmacy, community center, liquor store, nursery, real estate, post office, car repair, etc. The super market has almost everything and the prices are not much more than Seattle super markets. There is a motel (resort) and several bed and breakfast accommodations. There is a farmer's market during the growing season and concerts almost every weekend in the summer. Visitors enjoy biking, kayaking, hiking, beach combing, wine tasting, berry picking and relaxing.