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Directions to Anacortes Ferry

Distance: 80.4 mi, Time:about 1 hour 34 mins if traffic is light but plan at least 2 hours.

If you plan to drive onto the ferry, click the following link to see the wait times. Always arrive at least 1/2 hour before the ferry leaves. Wait Times.

Ferry Passenger Walk-On

The March's Point Park & Ride accommodates 100 vehicles. You can drive there and leave your car and then take the SKAT Transit 410 bus from March's Point Park and Ride to the Ferry

Parking at the Anacortes Terminal is possible but very expensive during the summer.

The new summer paid parking is in effect at the terminal for the peak season May 1st,2008 - October 13,2008 are as follows.

There are 1,265 spaces in three parking lots near the Anacortes Terminal. All parking spaces, including disabled spaces, will be charged the applicable fee. The fees are as follows: